AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent

AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent

Diameter=20mm;Height=10mm;”Pin Length=30mm”;”Material=Grade 316 Stainless Steel”;”Installation=Drill and glue”


AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent is a Domed cylindrical deterrent that is very effective at preventing skateboarders and others from causing damage to surfaces through sliding and grinding on low walls and building features. The AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent is manufactured from solid piece of grade 316 stainless steel incorporating a grooved anchor pin that is easy to install for both new and existing applications.   Features Manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel. Corrossion resistant. Anchor pin for maximum strength. Specifications 20mm Dia X 10mm High. 30mm Long anchor pin. Grade 316 stainless steel. Other Options AMPS-CSD20 Skateboard Deterrent. Ordering Information Supply of AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent studs will commence upon placement of order. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is up to 7 working days from acceptance of order. Call us on 08 9246 7703 or for more infomation or to order the AMPS-DSD20 Skateboard Deterrent.  

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Dimensions 175.0000 × 55.0000 × 85.0000 mm
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