SPT3 AS Aluminium Picnic Setting

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SPT3 AS Aluminium Picnic Setting

“Length=1800 mm”;”Width=1600 mm”;”Height=450 mm & 750 mm”;”Materials=Galvanised Mild Steel Frame with Aluminium Plank Table Top & Seats.”;”Installation=Base plate.”


SPT3 AS Aluminium Picnic Setting The SPT AS Aluminium Picnic Setting is economically designed for applications where low cost is the priority without compromising on quality and durability. Manufactured using hot dipped galvanised mild steel frames and anodised aluminium planks, the SPT3 AS Aluminium Picnic Setting is suitable for schools, work camps, and spoting club viewing areas.  Dimensions 1800mm Long  x 1600mm Wide x 450mm / 750mm High Specifications Hot dipped galvanised mild steel frame. Anodised aluminium plank table top and seats. Base plate mount. Other Options Oiled hardwood timber slats. Additional end benches. Ordering Information Manufacturing of the Utility AP Aluminium Picnic Setting will commence upon placement of order and deposit or full payment where required. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is 6-8 weeks (approximately). Actual lead and delivery time will be confirmed upon receipt of order. Call us on 08 9246 7703 or Email: ampsproducts@bigpond.com.au for more infomation or to order the Utility AP Aluminium Picnic Setting.

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Dimensions 175.0000 × 55.0000 × 85.0000 mm
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