Sizes / Measurements

Width 60 mm
Return 10 mm
Thickness 4 mm




Mounting / Installation

Adhesive Fix


AMPS-BSTB74M for internal applications


The AMPS-BSTB60 Brass Stair Nosing is a solid brass stair nosing with a course serrated pattern that can be supplied to site cut to length for easy installation on internal, or external stairs. Features: Manufactured from solid brass, Course serrated surface pattern, Totally waterproof an weatherproof against all kinds of conditions, Can be bonded to most types of surfaces, pre-cut for simple, quick, and easy site installation. Specifications: 10mm X 60mm X 4.0mm. Ordering Information: Manufacturing of AMPS-BSTB60 Brass Stair Nosing will commence upon placement of order. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is up to 7 working days from acceptance of order.

Lead Times

7 working days

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