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Birrus PVC Backed Natural Coir Matting

“Depth ‘X’=Cut to order”;”Length ‘Y’=Cut to order”;”Thickness=15mm, 19mm, 23mm, & 30mm”;”Materials=Natural Coir “;”Installation=Recess or Surface Mount”


Birrus PVC Backed Natural Coir Matting Birrus PVC Backed Natural Coir matting is a high commercial grade pure Indian yarn that is firmly anchored into a strong 3mm damp proof and non-slip PVC base by a special moulding process, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered outdoor use. The PVC backing on the natural Coir allows for accurate cutting to the desired size. Birrus PVC Backed natural Coir matting can be custom cut curved or straight to order, leaving a clean and secure edge that will not fray. Allow a 2mm – 3mm clearance all around if placing into a recess. Features Surface 100% natural coir. PVC backed. Commercial grade for heavy use. Designed for mat recesses. Non-fraying. Perfect for shop entrances. Specifications Available in 15mm, 19mm, 23mm, 30mm. 3mm non-slip PVC base. Matwell Frame Sizes  COIR   MAT THICKNESS FRAME   MATERIAL FRAME   HEIGHT FRAME   WIDTH FRAME   THICKNESS 15MM ALUMINIUM 12MM 25MM 3MM   BRASS 12MM 25MM 3MM 19MM ALUMINIUM 20MM 25MM 3MM   BRASS 20MM 25MM 3MM   STAINLESS STEEL 20MM 20MM 3MM 23MM ALUMINIUM 25MM 25MM 3MM   BRASS 25MM 25MM 3MM   STAINLESS STEEL 25MM 25MM 3MM 30MM ALUMINIUM 32MM 32MM 3MM   BRASS 32MM 32MM 3MM              Ordering Information Manufacturing of Birrus PVC Backed Natural Coir mats will commence upon placement of order and signed Birrus layout drawings if required. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is up to 15 working days for rectangular mats. Lead times for other shapes to be advised at the time of order. Call us on 08 9246 7703, or Email for more infomation, or to order Birrus PVC Backed Natural Coir mats.

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Dimensions 175.0000 × 55.0000 × 85.0000 mm
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