Sizes / Measurements

Depth Standard sizes or manufactured to order
Length Standard size or manufactured to order
Thickness 9.5 mm approx



Polypropylene with Vinyl backing

Mounting / Installation

Recess or Surface Mount




Birrus Deluxe Rib matting uses coarse, bi-level ribs to ensure a powerful scrubbing action that removes dirt and debris from footwear. Deep channels between ribs traps the dirt and debris inside the mat, preventing it from being walked onto adjascent floor surfaces. The high absirbing polypropylene surface dries shoes quickly and the hardwearing fibres gives the mat a long lifespan. Can be edged or recessed. Birrus Deluxe Rib mats are well suited to commercial buildings, schools and shopping centres. Features: 100% Polypropylene construction, Approx 9.5mm thick, Vinyl backed. Specifications: Pile weight +/- 825 gram/m2, Total weight +/- 3525 gram/m2, Pile height +/- 6.5mm, Total height +/- 935mm, Pile structure: Needle Punch, Water absorbtion 5.3 ltr/m2, Standard mat sizes: 900mm x 1500mm or 1200mm x 1800mm, Specific sizes made to order. Runner sizes: 900mm wide, 1200mm wide, or 1800mm wide, Colour: Pepper. Ordering Information: Manufacturing of Birrus Deluxe Rib mats will commence upon placement of order and signed Birrus layout drawings if required. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is up to 15 working days for rectangular mats. Lead times for other shapes to be advised at the time of order.

Lead Times

15 working days

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