Sizes / Measurements

Depth Manufactured to order
Length Manufactured to order
Thickness 10 mm or 16 mm



Black anodised extruded aluminium and heavy duty Welvic 5744 flexible fine ribbed vinyl/nitrile rubber cut pile Jet Black carpet insert

Mounting / Installation

Recess or Surface Mount


Brass or Stainless Steel matwell frames
Diminishing strips for surface mounting


The Birrus Blendmat System #1 is a closed construction commercial entrance mat that can be recessed or surface mounted. Constructed using black anodised extruded aluminium tread rails that are swaged together to form a closed construction mat that is very strong and yet provides a small amount of flexibility and a combination of heavy duty Welvic 5744 flexible fine ribbed vinyl/nitrile rubber and Jet Black cut pile carpet inserts that are ideal for architectural and commercial applications where higher durability is required while maintaining a plush appearance. The heavy duty Welvic 5744 flexible fine ribbed vinyl/nitrile rubber and Jet Black cut pile carpet inserts are secured within the aluminum tread rails at either end allowing for the relacment of the inserts as a result of unforeseen damage or wear through use. Birrus Blendmat System #1 entry mats are best suited to internal applications or where the mats are under cover externally and receive some protection from the weather. Birrus Matting Systems offers the reliability of a company with over 50 years of experience in the matting industry and all entrance mats are manufactured to high standards in Victoria, Australia using all Australian sourced materials with a choice of carpet, ribbed rubber, abrasive grit. The exception being natural and Black dyed coir, which is an imported material. Every Birrus manufactured entrance mat carries a ten (10) year written manufacturer’s waranty and Birrus Matting Systems offers a product range that is specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications that suits any style of architecture wheelchair, shopping trolley, luggage trolley, and baby carriage friendly and offers replaceable inserts that can change the look, colour and style of existing Birus entrance mats provide the flexibility to mix and match colours and tread insert materials within the same mat and provides the oppportunity to be creative by offering anodizing of either the aluminium tread rails and/or the matwel frmaes in a selected range of Birrus colours. There are no restrictions to the shape of Birrus entrance mats and all entrance mats are custom manufactured to ensure that they fit correctly the first time. Birrus can manufacture entrance mats up tp 6000mm in length, (door width), avoiding unsightly vertical joins in large mats. Less vertical joins results in less movement reducing wear and unsafe edges. All matwell frames are made to size in the same factory as the entrance mats. Aluminium diminishing strips are available for surface mounting of entrance mats – Available in 10mm or 16mm thicknesses, Black anodised extruded aluminium tread rails lightly furrowed on the exposed surface to produce a non-skid surface, Rubber support cushions mounted on the base of each tread rails counter any minor recess base imperfections and ensure quiet operation, Heavy duty Welvic 5744 flexible fine ribbed vinyl/nitrile rubber and cut pile carpet inserts in Jet Black, Proprietary anodised aluminium matwell frames to suit selected thickness of Blendmat System #1. Ordering Information: Manufacturing of Birrus Blendmat System #1 entry mats will commence upon placement of order and signed Birrus layout drawings if required. Normal manufacturing lead time for this product is up to 15 working days for rectangular mats. Lead times for other shapes is up to 20 working days, (depending on work load), to be confirmed at the time of order.

Lead Times

15-20 working days

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