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Sizes / Measurements

Length 640 mm (120L) 840 mm (240L)
Width 600 mm (120L) 700 mm (240L)
Height 1250mm (120L) 1320mm (240L)



Corten Weathering Steel (3mm)
Adjustable Feet
Padlock Compatable
Slam Lock

Mounting / Installation

Surface Mount


120L or 240L capacity
Padlock or Slam lock
Laser cut logo
Logo backing plates
Communication signage


The AMPS-88758 Bushland Bin Enclosure incorporates a unique shape manufactured from Corten weathering steel that is extremely durable and maintenance free as the natural occuring rust not only lengthens the life of this product but also saves the time and materials normally related to maintenance of this type of product. Should this bin enclosure become graffitied, the offending painted surface can be sanded to remove the graffiti and allow the surface to re-rust naturally. This bin is suitable for Streetscapes, Public spaces, Sporting compexes and Natural parks.

Lead Times

6-8 working weeks

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