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Birrus Matwell & Entry Mat Installation Instructions

Birrus Ultramat, Duramat, Duragrit, and Cocamat

Step 1.

Ensure that the recess is clean and free of dust and rubble and that the corners are cut at 90 degrees.

Step 2.

Install a dry mix in the pre-cast recess where necessary and screed to a depth that is the full height of the matwell frame to be used, i.e. 12mm frame for 10mm thick mats and 20m frame height for 16mm thick mats, so that when installed the matwell frame is flush with the floor surface. Make sure that the screed is flat as this will help with step 3 of the process.

Step 3.

Install the pre-cut and mitred sections of angle and butt each piece together with its respective partner to create the matwell frame. Make sure that the corners form 90 degree corners where required and that the frame is flat and level with the floor surface utilising packers where required. Ensure that there is no “bowing” along the longest side as this will compromise the overall clearance around the mat and impact the appearance of the mat when installed.

Step 4.

Drill through the pre-drilled holes in the matwell framing and install rawl plugs and retention screws, (countersunk screw fixings and rawl plugs are not supplied by Birrus).

Step 5.

Finish screed the inside of the framing angle using a self levelling compound to a 3mm thickness coming flush with the framing angle to make a totally flat surface across the whole of the inside of the frame and allow to dry.

Step 6.

When the self levelling compound is dry, drop the Birrus entry mat into the matwell frame and even out the clearance all around the mat to approximately 2mm. If the mat is sufficiently large enough to warrant making it in sections then install the mat one section at a time in the order indicated on each mat section butting them hard up against each other so as to create a seamless looking mat, achievable by the design of the Birrus tread rail.

Step 7.

Remove section labelling tape and clean the entire surface of the mat following the Birrus cleaining and maintenance